TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is the top East Michigan aerial adventure park — perfect for both kids and adults! We have well over 130 obstacles and zip lines, complete with three difficulty levels, seven unique courses, and much more to excite kids at a birthday party or your employees at a corporate outing!

Corporate Outings

To the latter point, if you are looking for corporate event ideas that involve outdoor activities, coming to see us at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is a great way to reward your staff with an energetic, challenging, and genuinely unique corporate outing. Just getting outside to get some fresh air is one thing, but being able to get some exercise in the trees with your coworkers? That sounds like a team-bonding, morale-building activity to us! Keep in mind we offer a facilitated Team Building Experience if you’d like some guidance on your trip!

Birthday Parties

Likewise, if you are planning a birthday party in West Bloomfield and you could use an idea that will really get the whole gang fired up, we have a few different options for you to choose from! Depending on the ages of your crew and its size, we have birthday party packages at the Main Park and the Junior Park, for kids ages 4-7. Either way, it’s more than just the climbing that leaves everyone smiling at TreeRunner — it’s the entire experience! Whether the birthday party you have in mind is for kiddos, teens, or maybe even yourself, you are sure to have some great memories when you come visit us at our outdoor adventure park!

Ropes Courses And Their Health Benefits

Now that we’ve convinced you to have all of your birthday parties AND corporate events at our aerial adventure park in West Bloomfield, it’s time we tell you about some of the many health benefits you can experience when climbing and swinging from our ropes courses! Read on if you could use a few more reasons why you should come see us at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park very soon!

General Fitness

There’s no mistaking our society’s need to get outside, get the heart rate up, and burn some calories. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults should get either 75 minutes of intense activity or a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity on a weekly basis. Having fun on our ropes course is a great way to accomplish exactly that! Plus, it beats the heck out of going to the gym — there’s no smelly locker rooms, sweaty equipment, plus we are outdoors!

Use Some Muscles You Normally Wouldn’t!

Have you ever played a sport that’s totally out of your wheelhouse? Maybe you are a basketball player who is used to running and jumping quite a bit, but you haven’t played soccer in some time. You’d likely wake up the next day to find yourself sore in areas you never have been before — since you used entirely different sets of muscles to perform the necessary movements. Enjoying our ropes course is no different! While it’s quite fun (and we have three difficulty levels to help you find the right level of challenge), you’ll find that our courses demand both concentration and balance. The more you develop muscles found in your abs, back, and spine, the better your balance and flexibility will become!

Upper & Lower Body Strength

While we are talking about balance, getting some exercise on a ropes course helps lower leg muscles as much as your abs and back. This too will improve your balance. In terms of upper body strength development, you’ll find engaging in ropes-course activities will engage your hands, forearms, and upper arms in a significant way — not unlike rock climbing!

A Boost In Self-Confidence

Whether we are talking about kids or adults, getting out there among the trees and conquering a potentially intimidating activity like going on a ropes course can add a serious boost to anyone’s self-confidence. The courses at our aerial adventure park will help you get out of your comfort zone and feel a sense of accomplishment when all is said and done.

Mental Health

We’ve talked a good deal about the physical health benefits, but there are also mental health benefits to speak of. Often, the simple act of getting out in nature and being active can help your stress melt away. We often hear about our guests being able to escape reality for an hour or so when they are up there. Others think about it as a spiritual experience — again, in a very similar way as to how folks talk about rock climbing!

Social Health And Team Building

The final health benefit we’d like to highlight in today’s post involves social health; the ropes course does much more than building physical strength. It can actually instigate teamwork, communication skills, encouragement, and general bonding. For corporate events and birthday parties alike, that’s a very good thing as far as we are concerned!

Get Ready For An Outdoor Activity Adventure Unlike Any Other!

So there you have it! We hope you have all the ammunition you need to convince yourself and others to come visit us soon to experience an aerial adventure unlike any other! You can find us behind the Jewish Community Center at the crossroads of Drake Road and 15 Mile, or Maple Road. Book your experience at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park today!