Tree Runner West Bloomfield offers a Michigan challenge course that is unlike any other. It’s so “off the beaten path” that it is, quite literally, in the trees. If you’ve never been to an aerial adventure park (in Michigan or elsewhere), you are in for a treat, whether you are interested in finding the perfect team-building activity for your workforce or you are simply looking for a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy!

To be brief, TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park offers 130 zip-lines and obstacles, three difficulty levels, and seven unique challenge courses. We didn’t forget about the little ones either; while they might not be old enough to soar among the trees, we have a Junior Park that has been specifically made for children ages four through seven!

We said we needed to brief, reason being that this is part three of a three-part series concerning the team-building benefits of ropes courses, as the title of today’s blog already revealed! That means you should stop what you are doing and read part one and part two before you read a word more.

Seriously, go ahead and read those other two, if you’ve got the time!

As you now know (from reading parts one and two along with your wealth of anecdotal personal experience, we are sure), developing a sense of camaraderie doesn’t happen overnight, whether we are talking about a little league baseball team or a professional workforce. It’s a bond that takes time to grow and strengthen, but just because it takes time doesn’t mean that supervisors/coaches are powerless to supplement the process. After all, that’s why team-building events are a thing in the first place!

In part one, we addressed such essentials to provide a bit of context. In part two, we discussed how zip-lines and ropes courses have been uniquely studied for their trust-building benefits in terms of how the Millennial Generation, by and large, needs to be motivated and valued. Ropes courses were shown to improve efficacy along with helping participants feel challenged, supported, independent, and empowered.

All that is left for us to discuss is the “why” element — why does it need to be a ropes course, a challenge course, or zip-line, or an aerial adventure park at all? Why does it work in the first place? Well, you had better keep reading to learn why!

THe JUPTRR Study — Challenge Course Effectiveness

In the aforementioned study of The Impact On Leadership Efficacy And Work Efficacy Among College Students, we have the incredible opportunity to see what the data supports: “Discussion Data support the notion that participation in a four-hour challenge course significantly to have a significant positive effect on self-efficacy. In addition, this increased efficacy score remained over a six-week period. This finding has many implications for participation in challenge courses, adventure programs, and the field of outdoor recreation as a whole. Current practitioners and managers of challenge courses can use this information to validate (the) benefits of the programs for participants increases the participants’ levels of leadership and work efficacy.

The study goes onto state that results from this kind of research show that programs (like TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, for instance) are making a significant impact in terms of developing well-rounded leaders.

A Long-Term Impact

One of the most notable aspects of the study’s findings is that just a half-day, four-hour team-building event can make a long-lasting impact, with results showing after six weeks! It makes sense too; a team that has bonded isn’t easily broken.

So while it’s only one piece of the greater puzzle, investing in an affordable, exciting team-building event at our treetop adventure park pays considerable dividends. Learn more about our corporate outings and team-building programs today!