In our last post, we touched on how taking a visit to TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is a great option for both corporate events and birthday parties. Of course, our aerial adventure course is a wonderful choice for more than just those two kinds of events — we have youth groups, athletic teams, scouts, school groups, camps, and other kinds of groups come experience our ropes courses and ziplines quite a bit!

In today’s post, however, we are going to do our best to control ourselves by refraining to talk about all of these kinds of groups and why TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is the perfect place to take each one for a great time. We tend to get pretty excited about the team-building experience kids and adults can have here, so it’ll take some self-control to only discuss one group!

That group type? As the title of today’s post no doubt has already given away, it’s about how to plan the perfect team building event for your staff. We are highlighting why our tree top adventures are a great way to make sure you have a corporate event your staff members won’t soon forget!

Below, we’ll discuss corporate-event planning in a more general sense, providing our readers with some practical tips. Keep reading if you want to plan a memorable event and quickly receive the official title of “World’s Best Boss!”

The Why

Before we get into some details regarding how to plan the perfect team-building event, let’s talk about the why.

Most importantly, corporate events are a great chance to improve the morale of your team. You can show your staff you care about them as human beings — not mere cogs in a corporate machine. Boosting their morale means they will be happier. Happy employees are productive and efficient employees who wake up excited to go to their place of work and spend time with their coworkers! Not only will this make your organization better from a culture perspective, but it can actually affect factors like your bottom line, reputation, and even turnover.

The How: Planning The Best Corporate Event Of All Time

Let’s face the facts, people: the majority of employee parties don’t meet their objectives of entertainment and engagement. To avoid having the kind of party where your staff people end up looking for chances to duck out early, you need to capture their attention with something outside the box. Doing so, however, is not always straightforward.

The good news? You already made your way to this blog, which means you are on the right track!

First Thing’s First: Identify Your Goal

Is this event purely for fun? Are there business items on your agenda that need to be discussed? Our take is that, if at all possible, try to keep the experience as light-hearted and engaging as possible. If your goal is as simple as wanting to reward your employees for their hard work, why not give them a reward they’ll genuinely enjoy? If you want to carve out some time to formally honor your employees, we recommend keeping it brief and to the point (while heartfelt, of course). Oh, and make sure there are some delicious food options for your staff to munch on while they listen to what you have to say.

Genuinely Fun Team Building

In most all cases, you want to plan an event where you can combine fun with “problem-solving, team-building activities.” The fact is, most people might think of the two as mutually exclusive. In reality, there are events that seamlessly blend the two so well that your employees will be having so much fun doing the activity that they won’t even realize they are bonding, improving communication, and improving their teamwork!

But does such a perfect activity exist? Oh yes, it certainly does — it’s found right here at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park. You can get your coworkers out of the office as they climb to new heights with over 165 obstacles and zip lines that vary from beginner to advanced in difficulty level. This way, everyone is assured to be (the appropriate level of) challenged while having a good time!

Book Now!

If you’ve been looking for a way to boost morale, reward your staff, and have fun outside at the same time, there’s one option that stands alone here in East Michigan. We’d love to have you come visit us for your next corporate picnic or another event! You can learn more about our corporate packages here — we even offer facilitated Team Building Experiences! Book now!