Movement and physical activity are good habits to instill in your little one early on because their time isn’t being spent indoors, in front of screens. They’re able to learn about their bodies through movement and burn extra energy that they always seem to have on reserve!

Our Junior Park obstacle course built for little one’s ages three through seven is open! Experience everything our other three obstacle courses have, but at a more manageable level for younger ages. At TreeRunner West Bloomfield, get the entire family out for a day or night (Glow Night Fridays are back) for an outdoor adventure amidst some of Michigan’s best woodlands! If you’re interested in how our junior aerial park can benefit your little one, follow along in today’s post as we explore why our junior park is the perfect place for fun, movement, and learning.

Find an aerial adventure that offers your little one adventure and ignites their developmental stages.

Child Development Stages and The Perks of TreeRunner west Bloomfield

Children rapidly grow and develop into tiny humans from birth through age seven With most of their essential milestones happening during these years — they progress from an infant who requires all their needs to be met, to a small person who can walk, talk, and begin to take care of their own basic needs. While every child develops at different rates, the stages provided by experts are only a guideline to check in with.

Ages Three to Five

Fine motor skills are beginning to develop between the ages of three and five, as your child is learning to tie their shoes and hold a pencil, and their gross motor skills, such as dressing themselves and learning to ride a bike, are being established as well.

You’ll also see their vocabulary skyrocket when implementing new words and using correct tenses, and they’ll become better communicators as they’re exposed to different groups and learn about social cues and how to better cooperate with others. Skills, such as sharing and cooperation, are developed as they navigate the difference between right and wrong.

How TreeRunner can help this stage: At our aerial adventure, your little one will be able to learn about their bodies and how they move through various fine and gross motor skills. Our obstacle course teaches balance and proprioception (where your body is in space) as they wander through each section, and fine motor skills are met when they hold on to the ropes and cables for stabilization, and as they figure out how to get through our giant rope spider web! The more they move, the more they intrinsically learn about themselves and their limitations.

The junior aerial adventure is also great for teaching and fostering their language and communication skills. If they run into an obstacle or are scared in a certain part, the two of you can have a conversation and talk through their fears or problem they’ve encountered.

Ages Five to Seven

In this stage, your little one may have extra energy to spare as they have issues staying still and are always on the move. Their movement, however, still may come across as uncoordinated and awkward, but as they develop, they’re learning about balance and not doing movements so haphazardly. Their fine motor skills sharpen as they perfect writing and drawing legibly, and their gross motor skills grow into bigger activities, such as roller skating and riding a bike without training wheels.

Kids at this stage also begin to explore their independence as they become more social and interested in forming their own groups of friends. Their understanding of what rules are are very formative, and they may even call you out on a broken rule or two — conversely, if they break a rule, they may still be navigating on how to take responsibility.

In relation to language skills, their vocabulary continues to expand as they begin to learn the intricacies of sarcasm and forms of expressions. Your child’s reasoning and problem-solving cognition begin to surface as they maneuver through what the facts are and making decisions on their own.

How TreeRunner can help this stage: TreeRunner provides a safe space for your little one to continue to navigate their fine and gross motor skills as they crawl and jump through wooden boxes, and enjoy the weightlessness of the zip line. They’ll also be able to explore the park with their group of friends and learn to communicate through obstacles, all while using their developing problem-solving skills and making the best decision to complete the obstacle at hand.

No matter what stage of life you and your family are in, everyone can find adventure at our treetop park! Bring your little one to our new junior park and let them roam freely as they begin to sharpen their motor and language skills while being active and outdoors!

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