Let’s talk about appreciating your loyal, dedicated troop of employees. They work hard for you. They show up every day, more or less on time too. They don’t call in sick too much, they aren’t on their phones too much, and they make sure they let you know if they have any problems. They get along well enough with one another, which is another grace you are most grateful for. Plus, they are good at their jobs, and their jobs are demanding. Some are client-facing, some are spreadsheet warriors, and others regularly sacrifice their bodies for the sake of the job.

Whatever the specifics of your business, we bet that a few of the above statements resonated with you. We’d also bet that you are so busy supervising and perhaps even running your business that it can be difficult to know how to show your appreciation to your staff. In today’s blog, we at West Bloomfield Adventure Park will take the opportunity to start a two-part series addressing both why and how you can appreciate your employees. In part one, we’ll talk about the “why” side of things.

Spoiler alert: the best way is and will always be the act of taking them to our aerial adventure park in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It’s a great way to boost morale, reward your staff, have fun outside, without forgetting about all that team bonding that goes on!

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

Recognition matters. According to HuffPost, a Globoforce report surveying employees hailing from various industries found that being recognized is linked with how “human” of a workplace employees feel a part of. “. . . of surveyed employees that were recognized in the last month, 84 percent say their company leaders were actively creating a human workplace. Conversely, of employees who had never been recognized, only 40 percent say their leaders cared about a human workplace.

Obviously, getting praise for a job well done is a core human need that practically everyone understands. But it’s much easier to forget about this need when you are the one who is responsible for bestowing praise on your workforce! We get it, you have a lot on your mind and plenty of fish that need frying — but forgetting that your staff has basic needs is a surefire way to see them find a place of work where they do feel appreciated.

A Virtuous Circle: Praise, Satisfaction, Happiness & Culture

We could probably dedicate an entire blog series to exploring the intricacies of employee appreciation and the practical benefits thereof. We won’t be doing that anytime soon, but we would like to say a few words on the positive feedback loop that starts with recognition.

It goes a little something like this, in its most basic form: recognition and praise leads to improved satisfaction. If it happens often, that job satisfaction will significantly impact the happiness of your employees. If it becomes widespread, said happiness will impact your culture in a very positive way. And guess what that positive, praise-oriented culture will beget? You guessed it, more employees who love receiving and giving praise!

It might seem hyperbolic, but the Millennial Generation has shown more than any other how much of a competitive differentiator workplace culture has become. A positive culture is characterized by humanity, happiness, and trust. If you are looking for a way to show your employees how much you care, start by going out of your way to catch them doing something well!

We talk about that in more detail in part two, along with other ideas for showing your staff you care!

In the meantime, make sure you book your visit to TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park for the next location for your staff outing or company picnic! There’s no better way to show you care if you live in or near West Bloomfield, Michigan!