Thoreau encompasses the sentiment of adventure so beautifully in the passage “we need the tonic of wildness.” So many people these days resonate with the thought of adventure, wildness, and living freely — why are we seeking adventure in our lives in the first place?


If standing with the Michigan woodlands and forest bathing with the ancient and wise trees evokes a sense of adventure, our aerial adventure park — TreeRunner West Bloomfield — will do just that! Join us today in examining adventure and how to cultivate it regularly.


Adventure in Current Times


As we’ve grown and evolved as humans, our need for adventure has increased, but why? If you’ve seen movies such as A Million Ways To Die In The West, life was once brutal and unforgiving, and surviving a day was a feat in and of itself. Life back then was definitely an adventure! In modern times, we are creatures of comfort — we like clean water, grocery stores with pre-packaged foods, and modern medicine, so our sense of adventure has been dampened because of the mass availability of everything.  


We’ve become repetitious creatures that wake up every morning, go to work, and come home — only to do it all over again, year after year and create a cozy and secure comfort zone! Where is there any risk or any adventure in sitting at a desk all day? This is why adventure is beckoning to countless generations and why it’s imperative to our daily lives!


What A Little Adventure Can Foster


Seeking adventure can be as simple as taking a new path when you’re walking your dog in the evening or as ornate as hiking the Swiss Alps to live out your Sound Of Music dream scene!


Foster interpersonal skills through an adventure.


If self-growth and self-examination are high on your list, adventure is wonderful for creating and nurturing confidence, awareness, and decision-making skills. When you’re on an adventure, such as exploring a new lake, everything rests on your shoulders and you’re in control of the outcome. You have to make every decision about where to go. Should you swim to a quaint cove or cliff jump with a nearby group of people? The decisions and awareness you experience when adventuring help give you freedom and ownership of your life and then the confidence to go out and do it more.


Doing something new and creating an adventure on a daily basis can be intimidating at first, but it’s like starting a new gym routine, if you lace up your shoes and get there, there’s a high probability that you’ll work out! Plan an adventure and follow through, and the ones to follow will only get easier. Every adventure is taking you out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits, all while exploring your limits.


Adventure fosters clarity.


Amidst the self-awareness you’re gaining through tiny acts of adventure, the adventure can also enhance your flow and bring clarity to areas or situations that have been difficult for you to work through. This state of clarity can also evoke creativity, allowing you to dream and plan while on an adventure. Adventure brings forth curiosity and creates a whole new host of questions about life as you navigate the complexities of your environment. This type of creative thinking can uncover a world of innovation and solutions.

Adventure is contagious.


When you have an adventure, you become one of the greatest storytellers to relay lessons learned to inspire others. Adventure is riddled with stories which often has tension and conflict resolution, and this can often explain things in a new way or offer an alternative viewpoint to those around you. People will listen and feel inspired to find adventure in their lives, and then they too can reap the benefits.


Adventure at TreeRunner West Bloomfield


Adventure can be discovered among our acres of trees and through our exhilarating obstacles courses. Find adventure by making decisions on how to best accomplish a specific hurdle on the course and find clarity in the oxygenated air surrounded by age-old Michigan timber.


If you’ve found yourself living a life of comfort and repetition by living the same day every day, change things up a bit and seek out adventure. Improve your interpersonal skills, evoke clarity, and inspire others!  

Put your sense for adventure to action and book a treetop adventure today!