Spending the day on a zipline adventure in Michigan’s woodlands swinging and crawling through an obstacle course high above ground — is not everyone’s cup of tea, initially — and a lot of people have preconceived notions about what our adventure park is and who it’s for. In today’s post, we’ll debunk all the myths surrounding TreeRunner, and you’ll come to find that our park is for everyone!

If you’re searching for a place of adventure that strays from the traditional outdoor venue, you’ll find TreeRunner West Bloomfield as the ultimate adventure companion! If you have even a spark of curiosity of who we are and what we’re about, follow along and read today’s post.

The Myths of TreeRunner West Bloomfield

The myths that surround TreeRunner West Bloomfield are just assumptions from those who haven’t yet had a chance to try our amazing treetop adventure. Our adventure park accommodates everyone — from the tiniest explorers to the most well-seasoned adventurers!

Myth #1: TreeRunner is too hard for me.

At TreeRunner, we have three different difficulty courses that span from beginner to intermediate, and then on to expert. We’re sure you’ll find an obstacle course that suits your needs and skill level. The best part of our obstacle courses is the ability to become better. If you start out as a beginner, you can keep coming back and knocking out different courses and eventually progress to an expert! The thing is, you have to start somewhere, and yes it may be challenging, but it will never be too hard!

Myth #2: TreeRunner is only for kids.

TreeRunner is absolutely for everyone at every age. There are a couple of purple beginner courses that are for kids ages five and six, and we’ve seen seniors get up high in the trees and have a blast doing it! Completing the course may take a little longer but everyone can do it, and you don’t have to start out on an expert course, you can start as a beginner to test your skills and adapt to a different course afterward.

We also have team building outings and corporate events for adults who want to come out with their companie and work on communication and conflict resolution skills, or for those who just want a little fun, team bonding.   

Myth #3: I’m not fit enough.

Some people think you have to be a super athlete to come to TreeRunner West Bloomfield, and that is very far from the truth. If you are able to walk, you are able to complete a section of our obstacle courses. One of the perks of our park is that whatever ability you are — a complete beginner or a superstar athlete — we have a course to accommodate your needs. If you need to improve your fitness, what better way than moving among the trees with some of your closest friends is there to get fit? It’s exercise, but it’s not! And, if you are an athlete, test your skills on an expert course and start timing how long it takes to complete the course, and try to get faster every time you come in.

Myth #4: You can’t climb in the rain.

At TreeRunner West Bloomfield, you should be happy to know we operate rain or shine! The rain only makes things more interesting and provides additional challenges and obstacles to work through. The trees do provide some cover, however, in the case of thunder and lightning we may put a hold on the park and wait to see if it clears.

Myth #5: There is no food available for purchase.

While we do have a limited selection of food and beverages, we do offer some so you won’t starve or go dehydrated! You are welcome to bring food and beverages on site for a cute little picnic, and you can also have an event catered with our approved vendors, such as Jet’s Pizza, Crispelli’s, Milk and Honey, and Panera Bread.

You may have more questions about our facility and we welcome all inquiries but know that TreeRunner is for everyone at every age and skill level! In addition, you do not have to be in any specific shape to participate in a treetop adventure, you can climb rain or shine, and there are always food options available.

Come and see for yourself why TreeRunner West Bloomfield is the outdoor adventure everyone in Michigan is raving about.

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