Welcome back to the one and only TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park blog! We are the proud owners of Metro Detroit’s one and only aerial adventure park. Not sure what an aerial adventure park is in the first place? Allow us to explain! 

What Is an Aerial Adventure Park?

Aerial adventure parks can include many elements and courses, but at their roots, they are outdoor parks which feature tree-to-tree rope climbing courses, obstacle courses, zip lines, and more. At TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, our aerial park includes over 200 exciting obstacles, zip line adventures, complete with three difficulty levels and twelve different courses (designed for varying levels of challenge, experience, and physical ability). 

As much as we love describing what you can enjoy, our Detroit adventure park can only really be understood when it’s experienced. With that in mind, we’d like to spend the rest of today’s blog encouraging and informing our readers about how much fun you can have zip lining in Detroit with us! If you are afraid of heights or are unsure of how your physical ability might factor in, there’s no harm in reading the rest of this blog! Who knows? We might succeed in convincing you to give it a try!

I Am Terrified Of Heights But I Went On 3 ½ Courses

I had a blast with my granddaughter. It has easy courses as well as challenging ones. I am terrified of heights but I went on 3 1/2 courses. (Not the most challenging one though) I am so happy I shared this experience with someone so dear to my heart. You got to try at least once. While I am soon to be 58 years old, I met a man there 70 years old going on harder courses with his wife. Be brave and have fun!!!!!” – Pam G. Five Stars, Facebook Reviews

Not To Fear, Not To Worry

Being excited, and maybe a touch anxious, is certainly part of the appeal for many of us who have tried swinging from ropes and zip lining the day away. But not everyone feels the same way, and for many the fear can be overwhelming at times. 

This is exactly why our aerial park is made up of 12 different aerial trails which differ in height, difficulty, and length. Once you climb up the stairs to the Main Platform, you’ll be greeted by a friendly TreeRunner Park Monitor, who will help you choose one of the 12 trails. There are beginner trails, intermediate trails, two more advanced trails, and two expert-level trails. Climbers must show their ability to conquer a beginner aerial trail before they can move onto intermediate trails, and the same goes for moving onto expert trails as well. 

Spotlight: Beginner Trails

Our beginner trails are just 10 to 15 feet off the ground and have been designed for all experience and fitness levels. Our Purple Trails are Crick and Firefly:

  • Cricket – Our Cricket trail features 10 elements, capping off with an exciting zip line. You can climb across the Spider Web before climbing through the Triangle Tunnel. Cricket’s best suited for younger children or for folks who want to get a feel for their ability level on a beginner-level course!
  • Firefly – Firefly also includes 10 elements and a zip line adventure. You get to crawl through a few wooden boxes before navigating some pesky netting. It’s a challenge designed for younger children, but all are welcome!

Book Your Aerial Adventure In Detroit!

We’d love to host you at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park this summer! If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to us about any fears or reservations you might have, we are only a phone call away. In the meantime, book your reservation with us today!