The summer season is full of fun and adventurous activities from spending your days on the lake water skiing and wakeboarding surrounded by all your favorite people, to evening backyard grill-outs among the stars, Michigan’s best burgers, and beer from Atwater Brewing Company. Summer is a time when most feel fully attuned, alive, and ready to make summertime memories — and the summer is also the prime season to say “I do.” If you’ve planned the most thrilling adventure with your partner this summer, shake off your wedding jitters and plan the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party at TreeRunner West Bloomfield!

If you tend to brush the fringes and embrace the uncommon and untraditional, a bachelor/bachelorette party at TreeRunner West Bloomfield has a harness waiting for you. Throw wedding folklore to the wayside and cradle your upcoming commitment amidst the trees as you choose your own adventure and difficulty level at our aerial adventure park and celebrate. Follow along in today’s post and find out why a treetop adventure is the best place to celebrate your approaching summer nuptials!  

If you’re nervous but excited — not the nervous in the runaway bride sense — for your wedding day, spending that extra energy at our aerial park is a great way to calm and shake those nerves, to leave you ready to say your vows.

Shake Your Pre Wedding Jitters At TreeRunner West Bloomfield

Our treetop adventure began as a dream by a group of Michigan entrepreneurs who wanted to build a place for people to reconnect with the great outdoors while spending time with the ones they love. Our aerial adventure is on the pulse of ecotourism and focuses on sustainability and education of the environment while fostering personal growth and fun activity!

  • Burn energy – we have three obstacle courses varying in difficulty levels to help you and your mates burn nervous energy! Get high among the trees and reconnect with those you haven’t seen in a while and tackle obstacles surrounded by the best company — your wedding party!
  • Ease your mind – planning and executing a wedding can be stressful because there are so many facets and small details that need to be covered. Take your mind off of things, if only for a moment, and celebrate with your friends the event that is about to take place. Share memories and exchange stories while being active and in nature.
  • Soak in some vitamin D – Our park is the perfect combination of shaded and sunny areas, so there is a chance to get a little more glow and vitamin D before the big day! Vitamin D is a mood enhancer, supports the immune system, and improves muscle function — so it’s always a perfect time to soak it in!  
  • Ditch the stress – physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce your stress levels because it pumps endorphins and is a lovely meditation in motion. Coupled with your friends, there are sure to be deep belly laughs amongst the crowd which not only stimulates your lungs, heart, and brain but it too increases the feel-good neurotransmitters!
  • Reconnect with the ones you love – weddings bring people together, and perhaps, there are people you haven’t seen in awhile. This is a great chance before all the hustle and bustle of the big day to really talk and connect with those you haven’t seen face-to-face for some time. A treetop adventure is a great place to meander and take your time to hear about life in the in-between.

The summer ushers many fun and exciting adventures, and getting married is definitely one to add to the list! Get out with your wedding party and plan the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party at TreeRunner West Bloomfield! Here you’ll be able to burn excess energy, clear your mind, soak in some extra vitamin D, find stress relief, and reconnect with the ones you love!

TreeRunner West Bloomfield would be honored to host you and your wedding party to kick off a new life of adventure as you say “I do!” Inquire about our group offering and party packages today and be on your way to a treetop adventure tucked away in the Michigan forest!