In part one, we examined what self-work is, why autonomy is important, and how to begin self-work. Psychologist Guy Winch talks about why practicing emotional hygiene is important, and makes the case that it matters because we practice all kinds of good hygiene such as brushing and flossing to showering and wearing deodorant. But then, what do we do to practice positive emotional hygiene? This is where self-work is important, in identifying the things that trigger you and cause stress. Continue this conversation with us as we further dive into things that can help you begin self-work.

At TreeRunner West Bloomfield, being a self-aware person benefits everyone. Our treetop adventure steeps you in Michigan’s coveted woodlands and offers an exhilarating experience with fun, but also a chance to explore the many facets that makes you, you!

Diving Into Personal Development

  • Know what drives you – When you’re at the helm of this journey, it’s important to know what drives you — and it doesn’t have to be something shiny and big. It can be that you love the ocean and so you spend your energy cleaning it up and working towards important ecological issues, or you love connecting with people so you work in an industry where you can do that. Whatever it is, try to identify it so you’re not left with a gap in your life that money and accomplishment will never fill.
  • Change old patterns – When you identify patterns that do not serve you, it’s also important to take action and change them! It’s true, they’ve been on autopilot for way too long and it will take some effort on your part, but changing these behaviors we help gear you towards new and better experiences.

How TreeRunner West Bloomfield Can Help

Just beginning self-work can be difficult because, where do you really start and what questions do you start asking?  The best way to get started is to examine the many facets of what makes you, you, and TreeRunner West Bloomfield is a great environment to do this in! Our obstacle courses offer a day of fun and lightheartedness, but also provide a sanctuary to ask questions as you roam the treeline.

How does an outdoor adventure spur self-work?

Our adventure park hosts a whole set of different obstacles at assorted levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In these courses, you’ll walk and crawl through netting, perform a ring crawl, face a wobbly board, encounter rope swings, and even confront a spinning log! Each and every obstacle you come across can help you observe yourself, how you approach them and why. For example, if you get frustrated with the spinning log you may just want to up and quit or skip it, but when you ask yourself the “why” you’ll learn so much more about yourself. Are you frustrated because you simply are having a hard time with the obstacle, is it because you feel embarrassed that you can’t do it and others can, or do you feel rushed because there are other groups behind you waiting for you to go? There are so many things that it could be and identifying why you’re struggling will help you navigate your feelings and your actions.

If you go with a group of friends or even with your office team mates, other interpersonal scenarios may come up such as taking on the leadership role of the group, being the team cheerleader, or disagreeing on how an obstacle should be tackled. When you can work through and ponder these things it’ll make you more self-aware and if a similar situation ever arises you’ll be more prepared and confident in dealing with it.

You can even attend a treetop adventure with your work team and involve a team building facilitator at TreeRunner West Bloomfield to involve everyone in their own personal self-development journey. Learn how to be a more effective communicator, how to better deal with conflict while developing trust, becoming a better leader, tackling problem-solving skills, and learning all about resource and time management. We work with every type of team from the most uncooperative to capable and empowered teams to build better people, and thus, better companies!

Self-work just as important as the other hygiene habits you practice. Learning more about what drives you and then changing old patterns that no longer serve you, can help you in your personal development journey. Reach out to TreeRunner West Bloomfield today to get started with a group of friends or with your work team, and you’ll find both a fun day out filled with excitement and laughter all while challenging yourself and getting to know more fully who you are!

Book a treetop adventure today and explore our three different obstacle course levels that challenge and excite everyone — from three to 93!