The evolution of you is an important one — how you experience and interact the space you’re in and the multifaceted relationships you’ll encounter will come with its abundance of joy and also sheer frustration. Learning more about who you are and knowing what makes you a better employee, lover, and friend can only help better guide you through life’s complexities.

Oxygenate your lungs while exploring the intricacies of what makes you, you — and surround yourself with some of Michigan’s best timber at TreeRunner West Bloomfield. Our outdoor adventure park bears some of the best obstacle courses for team building with the office, corporate outings, and pure fun! In today’s post, we’ll ruminate over why our adventure park can help you get to know yourself so you can better blossom in your experiences.   

Doing the Work

Self-work — or as some refer to it as personal development — is imperative for the space you occupy here and now. How you experience the greatest highs and the deepest lows is all up to you — no one is going to hand you better circumstances or suddenly make you a better person, and that is why it’s single-handedly up to you.

Having the wherewithal to uncover who you are and how to react or participate to things in life is innate, it sometimes just takes a little stoking and asking questions. Knowing yourself and having self-knowledge is pure power and makes how you interact with your surroundings more digestible.   

The Case For Autonomy

Autonomy is the ability to live freely and make your decisions without bias from someone else, and when we practice autonomy, we are able to let go of tightly guarded attachments and limiting beliefs. When we understand ourselves and impart true autonomy, we’ll be at our strongest and most resilient.

Why Personal Development Matters

It’s easy to be dismissive and place burdens on others. In the workplace, it’s easy to continue being a people pleaser and doing everything for everyone simply because you haven’t explored what it means to set healthy boundaries. Also knowing how to respond to others without escalating the situation and remaining calm takes practice and knowing and trusting yourself. You’re not just born a professional and effective communicator, it takes a lot hard work.

In relationships, following an emotional pattern is what we all do because it may have been what worked in your last relationship or it was modeled to you by your parents or caregiver. This may be fleeing from difficult conversations or not even addressing them at all.

When you begin to unravel and explore why you do the things you do, you have priceless knowledge and a way to then acknowledge and change those patterns that do not serve you. When you can start identifying things you do and look at situations and interactions differently, you’re then able to grow and change your experiences making you a better teammate, employee, lover, and friend.

How To Begin Unraveling Self-Work

  • Examine everything – We have ideas of what the world is and how we play a part, and some of these beliefs are self-limiting and do not serve us. Examine your polarizing thoughts such as “I’ll never be a good runner” or “I’m terrible at leading.” The adage of  “attitude is everything” is completely relevant, so if you expect bad things to occur, they usually will.
  • Identify your patterns – we all come with interpersonal patterns — the way we communicate, the values we hold, and even the way we deal with conflict have all trickled down from what was modeled to us by our parents, society, and teachers. When you identify a pattern that is unexamined, you may find that it’s not money that makes you happy, but giving surfing lessons in Encinitas that is.

There are so many facets to self-work, and we’ll continue this exploration in part two, so stay tuned!

As we’ve gathered in today’s post, there is no other important work than the work you’re doing with yourself. You become more autonomous as you begin to examine, question, and identify your patterns.

Begin to learn more about how you approach problems and how you communicate, all while being outdoors and swinging amidst the trees! TreeRunner West Bloomfield is here to give you a fun outdoor adventure while spurring on the greater work!

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