The Benefits Of Team-Building Activities

Summer is winding down, but there is still time to squeeze in one or two more outdoor adventures in West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, and the surrounding region a few miles northwest of Detroit! 

We must say, we are so pleased that you have made your way to this blog post because it informs us of two key things. 

One, that you are interested in learning more about aerial adventure parks, and therefore, you are pretty cool since aerial adventure parks are pretty dang cool. 

Two, you perhaps are considering TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park for your next staff or team event because you’ve heard we offer unique Team-Building programs. 

We are here to tell you that everything you’ve read and heard is true — aerial adventure parks are incredible in general, but TreeRunner aerial parks are a cut above the rest! As has become something of a tradition in our blogs, we’ll proceed to explain what our outdoor adventure park has to offer from a high-level, after which we’ll highlight the aforementioned benefits which Team-Building exercises treetop adventure parks like ours have to offer groups of all kinds!

Aerial Adventure Parks Explained

TreeRunner parks are categorized as aerial adventure parks — an eco-friendly activity originating in Europe where people can climb, traverse, and soar among the trees while navigating obstacles such as rope courses, log ladders, suspended bridges, and more. 

Aerial parks are both challenging and exciting, but what makes TreeRunner adventure parks unique is that our parks aren’t only for the most physically fit and able among us. Neither are our courses designed for teenagers and tweens — we’ve got over 200 obstacles and 41 zip lines with five difficulty levels and twelve different courses! We’ve also got a Junior Park that is perfect for kiddos ages four through seven. On the flip side, TreeRunner’s oldest climber on record was 97 years of age! 

So when we say we’ve got something for everyone, we really mean it! No matter what physical shape you are in at the moment, and no matter how old or young you might be, our eastern Michigan aerial adventure park is worth experiencing! 

The Benefits Of Team-Building Activities

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of aerial adventure parks and what we offer at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of today’s blog — Team-Building activities and their tangible benefits. 

Now, we are fully aware that some people might think of the phrase “Team Building” as a bit of cliche, but the reality is that organizations of all kinds can benefit significantly from bringing their team together to achieve a common purpose. The skills learned at our adventure park, or in another Team-Building setting for that matter, are learned and then applied at their place of work, leading to improved productivity, morale, creativity, and problem-solving skills, among other benefits. We look at each of those four in greater detail below! 

Increased Productivity

From an employer’s perspective, one of the biggest benefits out there is that an improved team spirit fosters an increase in productivity. In our experience, this is one of the primary purposes of a Team-Building activity as it relates to the bottom line of a company. The thought is that employees who feel connected and unified with their coworkers will have greater “buy-in” to whatever task they are performing. When they understand their contributions affect their colleagues’ well-being, your staff will begin to do more than cover-their-you-know-what’s when the going gets tough. Even on a day-to-day level, Team-Building activities can make a big difference to production.

Improved Morale

Why is it that team-building activities often improve production? It’s because their motivation and morale have gone up. Generally speaking, happy workers are productive workers. And what better way to make your staff happy than by showing you appreciate them with a special, company-paid activity? And if you are able to bring your employees closer together as a result, then that’s a win all the way around!

What’s more, Team-Building activities are usually challenging to one degree or another. If you find the right kind of venue, your staff will feel a sense of accomplishment after they’ve successfully completed whatever the task might be. This naturally leads to improved confidence — confidence that can be utilized back at the office. 

Finally, going out of your way to shell out for a special work event shows your employees that you care about their well-being. While the activity might very well lead to improved production, all your staff needs to know is that you care about them and you want them to be happy. Establishing that positive intent will go a long way toward retaining happy, motivated employees for a long time!

Encouraged Creativity

In order for people to be creative, they usually need to get out of their routines, out of their comfort zones. No matter what industry you hail from, there is typically an inherent monotony to the work after doing the same thing day after day. While it’s essentially impossible for you to do anything about such a perennial problem, you can do something to freshen things up for your staff by letting them break their routines through coordinating a Team-Building activity. 

Now, let’s talk about creativity. When the scenery changes and your employees get outside the office, you’ll notice that a few of your staff members will surprise you. They might come out of their shells, socially speaking, but they also might show you that they are independent, creative thinkers. That’s the kind of thing employers should be on the lookout for when your team is figuring out the Team-Building challenge at hand.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Speaking of opportunities for your employees to show their creativity, hand-in-hand with that idea comes better problem solving skills. This benefit is practical and straightforward, so we’ll keep the description brief. Essentially, Team-Building activities allow your team the chance to develop their problem-solving skills in a group setting. Sure, most of these skills are already learned, but not necessarily in this professional context. This is a chance for your staff to spread their wings, realize they are capable, and develop a team spirit where everyone is pulling in the same direction. 

As an employer, these kinds of benefits should make you smile a wide grin. 

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We hope you’ve enjoyed part one of this two-part series on the benefits of Team-Building activities as much as we enjoyed writing it for you! Be sure to keep an eye out for part two, in which we’ll talk about a few of the unique elements you can look forward to when you sign up for one of our Team Bonding or Team Development packages. Be sure to check out our dedicated resource on team building at TreeRunner when you get the chance!

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