1. Best Alternative to Water Parks & Amusement Parks in Metro Detroit

    Recently, all we have heard about are the activities we can’t do and the places we can’t go. We haven’t heard enough about the activities you can do and the places you can go - that’s where TreeRunner West Bloomfield comes in! Just a stone’s throw away from Troy Family Aquatics Center, Red…Read More

  2. Illness Prevention at TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield

    TreeRunner Adventure Parks prioritizes the health and wellness of our guests, staff, and community. We are implementing the guidelines and protocols of the CDC at all our parks to ensure our parks remain places where you can get fresh air and an active experience this season. What We Are Doing to He…Read More

  3. What Is Acrophobia And How Do You Conquer It?

    Is The Sky Your Limit? Acrophobia is the psychological term for a fear of heights. Don’t get us wrong, having a healthy fear of certain things is good, even beneficial. Natural fears are what help keep our bodies alive and breathing. It is when those natural, rational fears become irrational fears…Read More

  4. Aerial Adventure Parks – FAQs, Answered!

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  5. The Benefits Of Team-Building Activities

    Aerial Adventure Parks & Their Team-Building Benefits, Part Two

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  6. The Benefits Of Team-Building Activities

    Aerial Adventure Parks & Their Team-Building Benefits, Part One

    Summer is winding down, but there is still time to squeeze in one or two more outdoor adventures in West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, and the surrounding region a few miles northwest of Detroit!  We must say, we are so pleased that you have made your way to this blog post because it informs us of …Read More

  7. Scared Of Heights? Try Detroit’s Top Aerial Adventure Park

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