1. The Benefits Of Team-Building Activities

    Aerial Adventure Parks & Their Team-Building Benefits, Part One

    Summer is winding down, but there is still time to squeeze in one or two more outdoor adventures in West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, and the surrounding region a few miles northwest of Detroit!  We must say, we are so pleased that you have made your way to this blog post because it informs us of …Read More

  2. Scared Of Heights? Try Detroit’s Top Aerial Adventure Park

    Welcome back to the one and only TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park blog! We are the proud owners of Metro Detroit’s one and only aerial adventure park. Not sure what an aerial adventure park is in the first place? Allow us to explain!  What Is an Aerial Adventure Park? Aerial adventure pa…Read More

  3. The Team-Building Benefits Of Ropes Courses, Part Three

    Tree Runner West Bloomfield offers a Michigan challenge course that is unlike any other. It’s so “off the beaten path” that it is, quite literally, in the trees. If you’ve never been to an aerial adventure park (in Michigan or elsewhere), you are in for a treat, whether you are interested in…Read More

  4. The Team-Building Benefits Of Ropes Courses, Part Two

    Welcome back to the TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park blog! We join you in the midst of a two-part series that concerns the team-building benefits of ropes courses and outdoor activities, as the title of this blog no doubt already gave away. As a refresher, in part one we addressed the ratio…Read More

  5. The Team-Building Benefits Of Ropes Courses, Part One

    West Bloomfield has a lot to offer Michiganers who are looking for an outside-the-box kind of adventure. Of course, we are referring to our very own adventure park in TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, located at 6600 West Maple Road, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, 48322. You can find u…Read More

  6. Why Taking Risks Is Beneficial For Children

    It’s 2019 and aerial adventure parks are here to stay. If you’ve never heard of such a thing, you’ve got a lot to learn about how much you are missing out on! The long and short of it is that aerial adventure parks, or treetop adventure parks, are completely unique outdoor amusement parks that…Read More

  7. Why & How To Appreciate Your Employees, Part One

    Let’s talk about appreciating your loyal, dedicated troop of employees. They work hard for you. They show up every day, more or less on time too. They don’t call in sick too much, they aren’t on their phones too much, and they make sure they let you know if they have any problems. They get alo…Read More

  8. Understanding The Health Benefits of Ropes Courses

    TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is the top East Michigan aerial adventure park — perfect for both kids and adults! We have well over 130 obstacles and zip lines, complete with three difficulty levels, seven unique courses, and much more to excite kids at a birthday party or your employee…Read More

  9. Outdoor Things to Do Near Oakland County for the Adventurer

    Southeast Michigan is known for its beautiful cities, vibrant art and culinary scene, and rich history. In an area like Oakland County there is something for everyone, even the avid outdoor adventurer. Outdoor Things to Do Near Oakland County for the Adventurer In an area that is most known for its …Read More