Pricing Options for an Adventure at TreeRunner

Pricing includes three and a half hours of time in the park which equates to about three hours of climb time after you learn how to use your gear.

The courses at TreeRunner West Bloomfield are designed to challenge you emotionally and physically. We create a safe environment where ages 5+ (4+ for the Junior Park) and people of all fitness levels will be able to find their own limits.

Daytime Tickets

Adults & Kids Over 12 years of age: $48

Kids 10-11: $43

Kids 7-9: $38

Kids 5-6: $1 (Each child must be accompanied on the trails by an adult. One adult per child)

Ages: 5+

Times: Any start time before 5:30 PM.

Junior Park

Price: $21

Ages: 4-7 years old with a parent chaperone. There is no charge for the parent chaperone.

Times: Anytime the park is open.

More Information

Last Call Tickets

Price: $32

Ages: 5+

Times: Within the last three hours of operation every day.

Last call tickets are good for those looking for shorter climbing times in the park. Please note that Last Call Climbers will have access to Easy and shorter Medium courses, but are not guaranteed access to our longer Medium or Hard Courses.

Note that we highly encourage booking your ticket before arriving at the park. You can do this by using the “Book Now” button below, emailing us at or by calling us at 248-419-1550.

Height/Weight Restrictions:

Junior Park:

Minimum reach: 54″
Maximum height: 54″
Minimum age: 4 years old
Maximum age: 7 years old
Maximum weight: 65 lbs

Adventure Park:

Maximum weight: 265 lbs
Minimum age: 5 years old
Maximum age: none!