Main Platform – Treetop Adventure

Our course is made up of 10 obstacle routes of varying difficulty, length, and heights. Check out the descriptions and photos below to get a taste of what to expect from your adventure.

It all begins with the Main Platform.

Climb the stairs up to the Main Platform where you will be greeted by one of our friendly park monitors. From there you can choose one of 10 routes. There are six beginner routes (purple, yellow, and green circles), two intermediate routes (blue squares), and two expert level routes (black and double black diamond). The park also features two purple courses, which are built specifically to be suitable for climbers ages five and six.

Climbers are required to demonstrate their ability to conquer a beginner route before moving on to an intermediate route, and an intermediate route before moving on to an expert level route.

Beginner Courses

Mostly stable obstacles between 10 to 15 feet from the ground. Good for all fitness and experience levels. You must complete one of these courses before moving on to an Intermediate Course. The obstacles are stable and easy to traverse for a first-time climber.

Purple Circle Courses


10 elements, ending in a zip line. This course features the Spider Web, which climbers climb across, and the Triangle Tunnel, which climbers climb through. Cricket is a great course for small children!


10 elements, ending in a zip line. This course features a crawl through several wooden boxes, as well as a walk through netting. Another great choice for small children.

Yellow Circle Courses


12 elements, ending in a zip line. Test your balance and strength with the Ring Crawl, and hold on tight for the Fabric Band Walk. Beginner-friendly.


12 elements, ending in a zip line. Climb through the Broken Barrels, and traverse the Spider Rope Walk on this beginner-friendly course.

Green Circle Courses

Forest Run

14 elements, ending in a zip line. With two zip lines in total, a tightrope walk, and a flight between platforms via a log swing, this course has many attractions to offer the avid adventurer.

Mountain Trail

14 elements, ending in a zip line. With two zip lines in total, a Trapeze between platforms, and a great view of the picnic area, this course is a great place for spectators to take pictures.

Intermediate Courses

A variety of stable and swinging obstacles ranging in height from 20-35 feet in the air. These courses are definitely a step up in a physical challenge. You must complete a Beginner Course before attempting these. One of these courses must be completed before attempting an Expert Course.

Blue Square Courses


12 elements, ending in a slower descent auto-belay. Featuring, more prominently, the longest zip line in the park, Riptide also provides other wonders to the more experienced climber. Wobbly boards offer a fair challenge, while the rope swing between platforms and the walk over the park entrance offer a fun, and exciting, adventure path.


13 elements, ending in a slower descent auto-belay. This course is one of the more difficult in the park. Featuring exciting elements like the Ring Trapeze and the Tarzan swing, Waterfall also provides a fair bit of difficulty, especially traversing the ‘U’-Ropes and Log Ladder.

Expert Courses

An intense physical challenge for the most physically fit and daring climbers. These two courses are 30 to 40 feet in the air and take most people a longer amount of time to complete.

Black Diamond Course

Black Storm

12 elements, ending in a Quick Jump (auto-belay). A difficult course which features many unique challenges, namely, the Spinning Log Ladder, the Swinging Triangles, and the Hanging Peg Steps. A ball-seat swing and a long zip line over the picnic area make for a fun, and interesting experience.

Double Black Diamond Course


15 elements, ending in a Quick Jump (auto-belay). Easily the most difficult course in the park. Every element on this course is designed to challenge the climber. Simply climbing the ladder to the first platform is a huge accomplishment. Featuring long, unique, tiring obstacles, upper-body strength is a must to succeed. The second half of the course is a gauntlet of some of the most challenging elements on any of the courses. The “Devil Discs” are the most difficult, followed by the Rising ‘U’-Rope Climb and the Sausage Ladder. Fortunately, there are two zip lines, which offer a nice break from the difficulty (and a fun ride).